Quiz Club creates a friendly environment to spread knowledge


Alena Ruhstaller

The Quiz Club members are split into two teams before beginning the trivia round.

Alena Ruhstaller, Managing Editor

Quiz Club is one of the many clubs offered to students at Carlmont that allows students to gain knowledge through lighthearted competition.

The club meets weekly during lunch on Fridays in D27 to engage in Jeopardy-like quiz bowls.

“Our vice president reads a quiz packet and we divide the room in half to form teams. Two to three representatives from each team sits at a buzzer at a table to answer questions. Anyone can answer as long as they buzz in,” said senior and Club President Carrie Welter.

The members have the opportunity to explore multiple topics through the quiz bowls and gain knowledge from them.

“The questions range from subjects like literature, math, science, and history to politics, the arts, and pop culture,” said Welter.

The environment that’s created during a lunch meeting allows the members to become comfortable with actively competing in the trivia rounds and open to spreading their random knowledge.

“During the quizzes, a friendly, fun and playful environment is created where you can share your knowledge and opinions and learn random facts,” said sophomore Sean Shitamoto.

The main goal of the trivia rounds is for the members to have fun and feel comfortable in the environment.

“None of us take ourselves too seriously, and it’s really a fun thing to do with all your friends. It can seem to be a little intimidating at first because some of the questions are crazy hard, but as soon as you realize that nobody really cares if you know the answer and that they are all there to have fun,” said Lucy Gibbs, a junior.

In the past, Carlmont’s Quiz Club used to compete on the TV show Quiz Kids until it was canceled a couple years ago. Now, they hope to train in order to compete in the Bay Area Quiz Kids competition against other local high schools.

The members encourage other students to join the club and urge them to step outside of their comfort zone.

“It’s so much fun to bring a few friends and see if you can answer any questions. My friends and I love getting to spend this time doing something that we wouldn’t usually do,” said Gibbs.