Key Club helps students build character and leadership


Aaron Trierweiler

Jonathan Deridal, a junior and the leader of Key Club, introduces upcoming events in Key Club.

Aaron Trierweiler, Staff writer

Key Club is a student-led international organization that gives its members opportunities to provide service, develop leadership, and build character.  In room D12 at Carlmont during lunch on Thursdays, students get the opportunity to do just that.

“Key Club is one of the largest clubs on campus so it gives a lot of students the chance to volunteer and directly help Carlmont and its community in things like helping the Green Team with the new tri-bins,” sophomore Emily Nguyen said.

In Key Club, students are able to volunteer and participate in activities like school clean-ups or fundraising events, such as the pediatrics fundraiser that was held in 2014. Through activities that are held in Key Club, students learn how to be more independent and how to help others.  

“Key Club provides leadership opportunities, service, as well as a safe place to interact with amazing people,” said Jonathan Deridal, a junior and the leader of Key Club.

 The last activity held by the Key Club was a school clean up after school on Thursday, Feb. 15.  These types of events are supposed to be fun, and in Key Club, people do it because they want to help the community while being able to hang out with their friends.

“What I enjoy about Key Club is being able to hang out with my friends and help the community at the same time,” said Vinson Lin, a sophomore.

Because Key Club is an international organization, it holds meetings between many clubs nationwide. For example, from April 13-15, an event called District Convention (DCON) will be taking place.  DCON, which is short for District Convention, is the annual event where Key Club members and advisors come together for education, elections, service, recognition, and networking. 

“The events in Key Club are a great way to reflect upon what the community gives me and reciprocates that, while also meeting new people,” said Nguyen.

By going to events like these, Key Club members can learn more about leadership and character while learning how to incorporate them into activities that they hold at Carlmont.  

“When I am leading Key Club activities the greatest thing is seeing all of the amazing people there at every event who want to have fun and help their community,” Deridal said.