Quiz: Which sport are you?


Varsity Girls Volleyball / Riya Kadakia / Carlmont Athletics / CC0

Freshman Alyssa Ison jumps high into the air to hit a backrow spike to the other team. Carlmont Varsity Girls Volleyball beat Sequoia in a close match.

No matter what time of year it is, sports are a great way to stay healthy, make new friends, have new experiences, and stay entertained. Through participation in sports, you are likely to mature physically, emotionally, and socially. You can learn to take responsibility for personal growth by developing loyalty, pride, and commitment. Finding a sport that’s right for you will depend on your choice of season, activity levels, and the goals set for yourself.

Carlmont High School offers 15 different sports that an individual can play; cross country, tennis, football, volleyball, water polo, golf, basketball, soccer, wrestling, badminton, baseball, lacrosse, softball, swimming, and track.

Take the quiz below to find out what sport is best suited for you!