Raise those umbrellas, it’s raining

Alyssa Fagel, Highlander Editor

For the first time in over a month, it rained during school hours at Carlmont High School.

And with that rain comes cold weather. During the week of Nov. 17, weather in Belmont, Calif. has been estimated to reach no more than 68 degrees.

As it begins to rain, umbrellas get raised
As it begins to rain, umbrellas get raised

This new weather has also brought a change in fashion. From North Face jackets with sweats, to sweatshirts with jeans, there is no shortage of outfits one can wear to keep warm.

Junior Gigi Vlahos said, “What I like to do when the weather is colder is wear multiple layers under jackets with sweaters and scarves. I also like wearing boots with thick socks to make sure my feet stay warm through the rain.”

Sophomore Natalie Stainton described her own personal preference. She said, “I wear yoga pants, UGGs, and sweatshirts almost every day. And I still feel too cold!”

The upcoming forecast shows a cold winter approaching. Which, as many local citizens have said, is just in time for holiday season.

Stainton wants the cold weather to last. She said, “I love drinking hot chocolate and keeping the fire going. It puts me in a holiday mood.”

Senior Carolyn Donohoe said, “I love the rain because it gets me excited for Christmas and means there’s snow in Tahoe.”

While the new weather may be satisfying for some, it can also cause complications for others.

Instructional Vice Principal Ralph Crame drives about 30 minutes to school every day. He said that when it rains, people often drive much slower and it makes his commute nearly 10 minutes longer.

In addition to bothering commuters, the rain also upsets some athletes.

Sophomore Lauren McDonnell said, “It’s really hard to play [soccer] in the rain because the ball is really wet and moves a lot faster than it usually would.”

Whether one welcomes the oncoming holiday season or dreads the rain, the arrival of winter is forcing everyone to change their routines.