Reach Out Club creates a safe haven


Nicole Turk

Reach Out Club creates bonds between all groups of people at Carlmont.

Olivia Chow, Staff Writer

Every first and third Friday of the month, students gather at T13 for Reach Out Club, an extension of the ASB commission, Reach Out. Members range from commission members to English Language Learner students to anyone who wants to join.

Their goal is to “create a safe environment for [members] to have at Carlmont,” said sophomore and member Nicole Turk.

Discomfort stops us from doing exactly the things that help us grow.”

— Jess Whittlestone

Although Carlmont strives to be an accepting school with diverse groups of students, some still feel uncomfortable attending large social events, like football games or school dances. Many find it important for students to be involved in regular school activities — stretching their comfort zones, while still feeling safe.

According to Jess Whittlestone, it is important to expand one’s comfort zone as “discomfort stops us from doing exactly the things that help us grow.”

The club meetings act as a safe zone where students are able to be themselves and express themselves in whatever way they please.

Sophomore and member Darian Dennler said he decided to join the club because “everyone deserves a space where they are comfortable and do not feel differentiated from the general population” and that he wanted to help with this mission in any way he could.

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Other reasons to join include hanging out with the other members, playing board games, as well as the overall atmosphere that can be felt immediately walking in.

This fairly new club is beginning to make waves at Carlmont with its mission of inclusivity and acceptance of all students. Anyone joining the club can enjoy high school to the fullest extent and enjoy their time in high school.

In the future, Dennler hopes that the club expands and that those carrying on the club in later years have “the kindheartedness to spend sometime to improve someone else’s day.”

Currently, the club spends their lunchtime meetings bonding with each other through multiple activities, like board games and improv games. Members also attend the monthly Reach Out hangouts held by the Reach Out commission with a similar goal in mind.

“It’s a safe place for all kids at Carlmont,” says Turk.