Reach Out Hangout makes a difference


Suzanna Floersch

Rachel Gu decorating a cookie.

Suzanna Floersch, Staff Writer

On March 30, Reach Out Commission is hosting another get-together for students. They will provide food and organize fun activities. Working with students who do not usually participate in other school events, such as special education students, Reach Out Commission of ASB helps create an inclusive environment and community at Carlmont.

Reach Out commissioner Abigail Khouri, a senior, said, “The hangouts are usually potlucks. Therefore we ask most people to bring a dish of their own. Usually, there is food such as mac and cheese, pizza, finger sandwiches, tacos, chicken wings, sushi, salads, fruit, and many desserts.”

The hangout on March 30 is video game themed, which they believe many people will enjoy. Their goal is for everyone to join together to create bonds that will last them throughout their high school experience.

“So many of these students love video games. There will be a Wii, and guests can play games with each other while enjoying food and getting to know each other better” said Khouri.

Sofia Zwass, a senior who is a Reach Out supervisor, said, “I enjoy helping organize because it’s a really good feeling to see students who wouldn’t normally interact with one another get to know each other. [The hangouts] also help to bring them out of their shell.”

Reach Out motivates the students to interact and have fun, giving them a comfortable place to build friendships.

Allison Granet, a senior who is a Reach Out commissioner, said, “I joined Reach Out because I wanted to directly make an impact on these students. There is no reason for them to not have an enjoyable high school experience, and I wanted to help work towards creating a better environment on campus for them.”

With the help and support of the commissioners, 35 to 40 students attend each hangout, giving these students a sense of belonging and making Carlmont a more inclusive campus.