Relay supports all who fight against cancer

Mia Hogan, Staff Writer

Walk, skip, jog, or run.

Everyone is there for the same reason, to find a cure for cancer. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society [ACS], Relay for Life is an annual community fundraiser for those affected by cancer.

American Cancer Society Relay for Life logo.
American Cancer Society Relay for Life logo. Photo under Wikipedia Commons.

Funds raised directly benefit cancer patients and is used for research.

Relay for Life is a 24 hour event that honors those who have had cancer. The event acknowledges the caregivers and ones who supported those with cancer through the fight. Not only does Relay for Life recognize those involved with cancer, but it also celebrates life.

Sophomore Davis Schmitt said, “Last year I participated in Relay for Life. It was really touching and motivational to see those who have defeated cancer. I think it is important that more people get involved because it is a good cause. I will definitely be participating again this year.”

Belmont’s Relay for Life takes place on June 15 to 16, from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Carlmont High School.

Many positions are open to the youth who are interested in taking part in this event. Relay members are organized into three levels, the committee, team captains, and participants.

Relay committee is in charge of the event and puts all the pieces together. There are a vast variety of positions open for anyone currently interested.

A team captain has less duties than a committee member, but is in charge for a majority of the event fundraising. Multiples teams are formed and compete against each other to raise the most money before the end of the event. As a team captain, the individual manages fundraising and day of activities with their team members for participants.

Participants aim to raise money before and during the event. On the day of, participants enjoy the activities team plan, entertainment, and walk the track.

Relay for Life is a 24 hour event that is symbolical. The goal of each team is to have a member walk the track during the whole relay representing that the fight continues until a cure is discovered.

Relay for Life is a long event, therefore many teams choose to camp on the track. This allows team to pursue the goal of having at least one member constantly walking.

“Last year my team was not able to walk the whole time, however we were very close. 17 out of the 24 hours a member was walking and overall we raised 3 thousand dollars for the cause.”

Volunteer opportunities are still open for all three levels in the organization.

Sophomore Abbey Holbrook said, “I was in Mexico that weekend, so I just joined my team during fundraising events. Although I did not attend the event, I was still able to participate.”