Roads in Belmont are improving


5th St. in Belmont after it was paved.

Alex Lay, Staff Writer

The hills of Belmont are filled with narrow, curvy roads that can be difficult to navigate. However, many have been improved drastically in the past few years.

The engineers of the Belmont community have made various changes to the roads, including repaving them or adding stop signs to prevent dangerous situations form occurring.

“The new roads are very nice. They make driving easier and more fun!” said Bailee Roces.

The local government has issued a budget of $360,000 in order to take the necessary steps to fix roads. Over $1.4 million has been spent to redo the roads in Belmont.

Many students and locals have voiced their opinions about the quality of the new roads.

“The new roads in Belmont are significantly more smooth and safe in comparison to the previous status of the roads,” said Charlotte Jackman.

The quality of newly paved roads in Belmont is excellent. On a scale from 0 to 100, 0 being very poor and 100 being excellent, the newly paved roads get a 100,” said Assistant Engineer Dalia Manaois from the Public Works department in Belmont.

There have also been many complications in attempting to fix the broken roads.

“The current annual budget is a constraint on how many road can be improved. The greater the budget is, the more streets we can improve,” said Manaois.

The newly paved roads have bike lanes that have been clearly defined, along with a smooth finish that provides an easy ride for cars.

Belmont has been around for a very long time and the roads have become worn, which caused the decision to change the status of the roads.

Belmont engineers have plans to improve the status of the roads in the future in order to increase safety and pleasure for the local drivers.

“I am really excited to see and use the roads that are going to be fixed in the future. I believe it will help improve the safety in Belmont,” said Jackman.

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