Rose sale spreads love


Zaina Abdelrahman

Mia Zidan, a junior, writes a note to be delivered with a rose during lunch.

Zaina Abdelrahman, Staff Writer

February, the month of love, means chocolate boxes, roses, and lots of hugs and kisses.  

Many take this opportunity to spread love to the most valuable people in their lives.

Carlmont provides this love through the rose sale.

From Feb. 1 to Feb. 13, ASB is selling roses and chocolate to students to send to their beloved classmates on Valentine’s Day.

Sophomore Class Vice President Kyle Dimick said, “The rose sale is actually mainly for the school and less for profit. In fact, we barely make a profit off of the rose sale. We just like to make as many people happy as possible on Valentine’s Day.”

The roses are sold either in singles, for $1 each, or as a dozen, for $10, and each come with a handwritten note, according to Freshman Class Vice President Rachel.Amir Chatman.

Chatman said, “During these weeks of the rose sale, love and friendship spread throughout the school.”

Students feel that the rose sale adds a positive contribution to campus life. Being able to send their friend a rose makes both the receiver and the giver feel good.

“Being a freshman and witnessing all of this for the first time is incredible. My favorite thing about the rose sale is the joy it brings to students around campus. Seeing the smile of someone who just bought a rose is something that makes me feel good,” said Freshman Class President Joe Sison.

Although the rose sale spreads love for some, others believe that it could also have a negative effect.

Leah Auyoung, a junior, said, “A negative thing that the rose sale may form is feelings of being left out if someone maybe did not receive a rose from anyone.”

The rose sale can have positive and negative effects, however, many students see it as an opportunity to show their classmates love and spread joy and happiness.

Sison said, “The rose sale impacts people in such a positive way. Receiving and giving a rose is something that just brings joy to everyone.”