San Carlos votes on school board representatives


Emma Romanowsky

Over 114 million Americans voted in the 2018 midterm election.

Emma Romanowsky, Highlander Editor-in-Chief


Neil Layton along with current board members Kathleen Farley and Carol Elliot win the three vacant San Carlos School District school board positions in the election on Nov. 7.

Neil Layton and Thomas Vigdal were new candidates who opposed the incumbents to fill the last available slot.

Nov 7. was nationwide election day, but the school board position was the only issue on this year’s ballot in San Carlos. Residents were greatly interested in the role of the school board in order to make an informed decision.

“When you are looking at school board candidates you need to find someone who is engaged with the community but also someone who is able to make tough decisions regarding budget,” said former school board member Adam Rak.

Election officials were unable to comment on political matters but they did speak about the election process in general.

“It’s a lot more work than you think. You have to come really early to set up the machines and when someone comes into vote there are a lot of steps and things to remember,” said Carlmont senior and official election volunteer Maya Raman.

One year after the presidential election, increasing voter turnout for future elections was a priority among politicians.

“The number one priority is to allow people to vote. We never say no, you can’t vote. That’s not our objective,” said official Tom Stenson.

Voters who are not listed in the official voters’ book are given a provisional ballot and are still able to cast their vote.

“We never say no, you can’t vote because you’re not in this precinct. That doesn’t happen. We give them ballots which allow them to vote provisionally and then the elections office decides if it counts or not,” said Stenson.

Emma Romanowsky

As the new school board term begins, main concerns for the district include budget and construction projects.

“There is a state tax that is set to expire that is going to impact the budget. Budget is going to be a huge issue moving forward. They are [also] having some challenges around the new school constructions at the Tierra Linda campus, there [have] been some delays, some of which are from the state budget and trying to maneuver that will be difficult,” said Rak.

Despite the challenges they may face, the San Carlos School Board has the power to positively shape San Carlos students’ education.

“It was interesting and challenging time but ultimately I felt like it was an opportunity to make a positive impact on the schools and on the students,”  said Rak.

As the new term begins, Rak draws from his experience on the board and offers his advice to Layton.

“It is important to go in with an open mind during the meetings and listen to what the district community and fellow board members have to say,” said Rak. “Remain focused on the main goal at hand which is making sure that each student is able to achieve their individual goals.”

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