Schoolboy Q’s new album reveals what fans are looking for

Schoolboy Qs cover art for the album Oxymoron featuring his daughter.

Schoolboy Q’s cover art for the album Oxymoron featuring his daughter.

Ravina Gujral, ScotCenter Segment Editor

Coming out with his third album, “Oxymoron,” Schoolboy Q has impressed many fans and is on his way to becoming a larger artist than he already is due to his unique music style.

Known off stage as Quincy Matthew Hanley, the rapper has topped iTunes’  hip hop and rap charts for weeks after his album was available to preorder.

Going back to Hanley’s beginnings with music, he started seriously writing music around 2008 at the age of 21 and released his first official album, “Setbacks” in 2011 at the age of 24.

“I think the fact that Schoolboy Q really thought over what he wanted his album to be like before he released it is very important. A lot of artists these days just send out a bunch of songs to make money but don’t always pay attention to the quality of each song. I like that a lot of Schoolboy Q’s music shows how hard he worked,” said junior Victoria Poslavsky.

With Hanley’s newest album, “Oxymoron,” people are particularly happy with the fact that he has a different sound and offers something new to the popular culture of rap.

Junior Luke Horst said, “I really like Schoolboy Q’s music because of his catchy beats that keep me interested in the songs he puts out. I listen to his first two albums more than the latest one, but I still really enjoyed ‘Oxymoron’ since there are so many appealing qualities.”

With 17 tracks dominating the deluxe version of “Oxymoron,” Hanley has many songs featuring numerous different artists such as Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Tyler, the Creator.

The differing artists collaborating with Hanley on the album makes the album have a lot of variation within it. Each artist brings a new type of style, and therefore brings out a new style for Hanley to participate in.

“Even though I usually listen to alternative music, I think that Schoolboy Q did a really good job to appeal to a lot of different people with this album. The varying music draws in more fans, even if they only like one or two songs off of ‘Oxymoron.’ My favorite song would probably be ‘Gangsta’ because I really love the beat and vibe it gives off,” said junior Audrey Weers.

It’s clear that “Oxymoron” was a hit among many young generations today which is only raising Schoolboy Q’s credibility as a great rapper with variation among his music.