Scots battle for their last season game

Sarah Adams, Staff Writer

The Carlmont boys varsity soccer team faced off against Aragon High School for their last game of the regular season. Both teams fought for this last win before the start of the upcoming CCS playoffs.

Senior Yefri Lopez Castro said, “We really just needed to show that we were the better team, and win.”

Scots beat Aragon 1-0.
Scots beat Aragon 1-0.

The Scots were able to keep play mostly in their opponents half of the field for the majority of the first half of the game.

Three of Aragon’s players got injured during the beginning of this first half of the game. Two of them ended up having to exit the game because of their injuries. No cards were given for any of these injuries.

Senior Theo Fedronic was also injured during this game, with a yellow card being issued to number 17 on Aragon for the foul. This was not the only yellow card issued during the game. Number 19 on Aragon also received a yellow card from a game official for arguing.

Despite, the Scots’ efforts to keep control over the game, the two teams seemed to be in a deadlock, with neither team able to get a successful shot on goal. The game went on like this for nearly 40 minutes.

With only minutes left in the first half, senior Graham Godwin shot and scored for the Scots.

Godwin said, “It feels great to have scored the winning goal. I don’t usually get a lot of chances to shoot because I play center back, so I’m just really grateful.”

Halftime started with Godwin’s goal as the only one on the board.

In the second half, the two teams returned to battle it out in much the same way as they did in the first half.

Despite numerous shots on goal and opportunities to score, neither team was able to score in the second half. The Scots pulled out the victory with a 1-0 win.

For seniors like Godwin and Castro, this was their last regular season game in high school.

Castro said, “I feel really proud to have been a part of this team. I love it and I’m really sad to leave.”

Godwin also said, “It was a great one for senior night and I will remember it forever.”

Departing from Carlmont and from the team will be a saddening transition for many seniors like Castro, but the Scots seem to be satisfied with this as their last game.

For the team’s seniors all that is left is CCS, which the coach and players appear to be heading into off of a high note.

Coach Beloff said, “We feel really good about going into CCS after this game. We’ve peaked at the right time going into it, and we just need to play to our potential.”