Boys’ water polo battles Knights for glory

Boys varsity water polo faced off against Hillsdale on Sept.22. Every quarter was a different battle.

The Carlmont boys were sharks in the water and by the end of the first quarter they were up 5-0.

Hillsdale made their first goals in the second quarter but, the Scots didn’t let them get far. For every goal made the boys varsity doubled it. By half time, Carlmont was feeling pretty good with a score 10-2.

After half time, Hillsdale came back for revenge. Hillsdale scored 6 goals in the third quarter, but not with out a fight from the Scots.

Nathaniel Callahan took the ball at half court and skipping it the length of the pool, made the goal.

Hillsdale’s change in game plan was no match for goalie Andrew Cardoza who was swatting away attempted shots like flies, occasionally blocking a few with his face.

Adam Fecher and Bryce Dennis were the dynamic duo in the water, making Hillsdale pay for ever goal they made and scoring a combined 8 points by the end of the game.

At the start of the final quarter the score was 12-8. Carlmont, still in the lead, fighting, splashing, and sprinting was hoping for a win.

Hillsdale’s coach used a bullhorn to signal to the referee that he wanted to call a time out. They scored 2 goals after their first time out and after the Hillsdale coach’s horn sounded a second time they scored their final goal of the game.

Hillsdale’s efforts weren’t enough to earn them a win, that pleasure and pride went to Carlmont with a final score 14-11. They shook hands and let the junior-varsity take their turn at victory.

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