Scots chomp into newly added Subway sandwiches at the Student Union


Mandy Hitchcock

Subway sandwiches have been stacked alongside salads and condiments in the Student Union since Jan. 16.

Mandy Hitchcock, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief

Sliced multigrain bread, layers of turkey, a line-up of tomatoes, and a smattering of mustard – these are just some of the typical ingredients in the sandwiches that now decorate the bins of Carlmont’s Student Union starting on Jan. 16.

The partnership was first broached by the Food Services supervisor, Yazied Widatalla, and the director of Food Services.

“Food Services reached out to a local Subway franchise and negotiated prices and types of sandwiches. The franchise owner, fortunately, owns multiple subways in the area and is able to cater to all of our schools,” Widatalla said.

Along with salads, pizza, and a variety of entrées, Subway’s Spicy Italian, Cold Cut Combo, Turkey, and Veggie sandwiches have been mixed into the options for the midday meal.

Flavors can vary due to regulation by the Carlmont cafeteria lead, Maria Vilchez.

“The food servicer was looking to improve their menu selections through student surveys, seeking input from everyone, and looking at models of other schools outside of the district,” Principal Ralph Crame said. “'[With] this new facility, what can we bring to students that they will enjoy and purchase within the healthy guidelines?’”

Widatalla reports serving roughly 560 meal equivalents daily, meaning that around 700 students buy breakfast and lunch from the Student Union. Carlmont has about 2,020 students, so 34 percent of them purchase meals from there.

Once the bell chimes for lunch to begin, students sprint across campus to the Student Union with hopes of avoiding the lunch lines.

However, when choosing a lunch, students may want to make sure they eat from a variety of food groups.

It’s important to keep a meal balanced, which means choosing a protein, starch, and vegetable,” Sammi Gingher, the nurse, said.

With five to seven hours in a school day, maintaining the energy to think and learn is crucial for the best possible output.

Gingher said, “Three meals a day, as well as snacks in between, are all essential to a student’s overall well-being and in supporting your brain.”

The Subway sandwiches now offered at lunch allow students to look forward to an increased variety of healthy choices.

“I think lunches should be appealing; you should be happy about what you eat,” said freshman Valerie Kuo. “The consumer should also be aware of the amount of nutrition in their lunches. Having Subway as an option makes me look forward to having healthier choices on the menu.”

This new addition to the Student Union can expect its long-term stay per the students’ welcome.

“It’s supply and demand — as long as students are buying and enjoying [the Subway addition], it will stay,” Crame said.

According to Widatalla, Food Services had already launched the Subway integration at Menlo Atherton High School on Jan. 22. They hope to extend the same to Woodside High School coming this Jan. 29.

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