Student Union reopens with improved facilities

Connor Lin, Staff Writer

As students travel across campus to get to class, many of them encounter construction detours restricting their paths. One of these construction sites was the remodeling of the Student Union.

On Oct. 27, Carlmont reopened the Student Union after 18 weeks of construction.

Project Manager Allan France said, “The remodel of the Student Union cost approximately $2.1 million and took 18 weeks to complete. It was important to renovate the facility in order to improve food quality because the kitchen in the Student Union before the remodel was very outdated.”

The Student Union provides students with a place to buy food and a place to stop by during their free time on campus. With the remodel, the facility was given a more modern look.

Principal Ralph Crame said, “The Student Union is open for students to hang out during zero period and lunch. The new renovations give the facility a better eating area and allow for more natural light to enter the room. The addition of roll-up doors also allows us to make a small patio area outside of the facility.”

Once the Student Union begins to start selling food again, Carlmont students will have another place to buy lunch on campus.

France said, “After next week, the Student Union should be operational during lunch. In the coming week, employees will be trained on how to use the new facilities, and food should be available for purchase soon.”

The renovations made to the Student Union give the room a modern look, which attracts the interest of many students.

Junior Jules Hart said, “The remodeled Student Union looks much better compared to what it used to look like. It seems much brighter and more welcoming. Due to the remodel and its new fresh look, I think that students will use the Student Union much more now.”

In addition to changes made to the facility, the Student Union will also begin to offer more lunch choices for students.

Crame said, “The remodeled Student Union will provide a wider variety of food for students. There will be three different types of food available for students to purchase. There will be a line for hot lunches, a salad bar, and a line to buy foods that you can purchase in the kiosks around campus. The prices of the food will remain around the same as what they used to be.”

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Before the remodel was completed, the construction created problems for many students.

Hart said, “It was very challenging trying to get through the construction site during passing period. The pathway around the Student Union construction area was always crowded and congested. The noise was also really disrupting in class.”

Some students appreciate the availability of the Student Union and plan on taking advantage of this resource in the future.

Freshman Abby Brendza said, “When I was in middle school, I did not have something like the Student Union. The Student Union provides students with a place to buy lunch and hang out if they don’t have anywhere else to go, which will help bring people together.”