Scots comeback falls short in varsity water polo


Lara Ostroff

Boys varsity water polo in a 2013-2014 season game.

Lara Ostroff, Staff Writer

Carlmont varsity water polo defended until the end in their tough match against Menlo Atherton.

“Honestly, I felt pretty good playing MA, better than last time. We played together as a team, and made a nice comeback,” said Pierre Llorach, despite the team’s 6:15 loss.

While Scots started off their game with a 1:1 score, they could not get their defense on until they were down 1:10. MA, known for it’s elite varsity water polo team, showed no mercy.

“Even though we will play as best we can, it will be a challenge to beat MA,” said Cody Campbell.

Teammate Michael Scallan felt the same. “It’s going to be a tough match, but if we have good ball movement and focus on shots that aren’t crazy, we could pull off a win,” said Scallan

In the second quarter, attitudes change as the Scots begin what they would soon be called their comeback. Worries were decreasing, communication is increasing, and so is their score.

Another two goals bring them up to 3:12. Nikola Kapamadzin scored yet again for Carlmont, instilling in the MA Bears a sense of fear as the Scots bring it up 4:12.

The unexpected comeback by the Scots sparked a momentary emotional breakdown. “I called all of your names, and no one turned around,” said the MA goalie.

“We don’t always know what he says, but he says it with style,” said an MA parent jokingly about the Bears thick-accented Italian coach.

Carlmont scored another goal, but MA backed their reputation up with an additional three.

Junior Elias Sebti racked in one more point for Carlmont with a goal as the game came to a close.

“Water polo is life,” said Sebti.

“It has been good, as much as some people on the team yell at each other for stupid mistakes. I think we’re a good team, we have a good connection. The only reason we yell at each other is because we want each other to be the best we can,” said Llorach.