Scots reflect on the swim season


Summer is here and the swim season is over.

Sarah Adams, Staff Writer

As the 2014 swimming season came to a close, some of the players reflected on the best parts of their year.

The swimmers worked towards putting their best times up on the board. During the season, many records were broken.

Sophomore Chelsea Stewart said, “My biggest accomplishment this year was that I was able to drop my 50 fly time by about five seconds.”

Stewart was excited that all of her hard work finally paid off with an improved time. She is not the only one.

Sophomore Sara Yolland said, “I finally beat my personal record on the 100 breaststroke which I was working towards doing the whole season. I was so happy.”

Breaking personal records can be the highlight of a season in any sport. The personal bests and hard work were part of what made this year fun for swimmers like Stewart and Yolland.

Stewart said, “The thing that I enjoyed the most this season was definitely the team spirit and competitiveness. That made it so fun.”

The team had a lot of energy, especially towards the end of the season when everything was winding down. Many shared in the excitement.

Yolland said, “I loved all of the people on the team because they were all so supportive and really nice, happy people.”

Teammates being one of the best parts of being on the swim team in the 2014 season continued to be a trend, even on the varsity team.

Junior Taylor Sexton said, “I enjoyed seeing everybody on the team everyday and getting to have a lot of fun as a team.”

As the season wrapped up, the change of scene is a welcome one for some swimmers, but the team will never be the same and things will be missed.

Yolland said, “I will miss all of the teammates that I had this year and will cherish these friendships I made forever.”

For swimmers like Yolland, this season was a time to make long-lasting relationships and really get to know people. When the season is over, they won’t see each other every day.

Sexton said, “I’m going to miss seeing everyone on the team that I rarely see during the rest of the school year.”

The 2014 swim season is over for the Scots, but there is still next year for many on the team.

Sexton said, “Next season, I am excited to complete my fourth year on the team and making new friends. I can’t wait to make amazing memories all over again.”