Season preview: JV boys basketball has both new and returning faces


Anthony Eliopoulos

Sophomore guard Jono Sison works on his dribbling skills with freshman Trenton Corteway.

Carlmont’s JV boys basketball team prepares for their upcoming season with returning players, new players, and a new assistant coach. 

Next to veteran coach James Jewett is coach Suhail Mohammadi. Mohammadi, who the players refer to as “Coach Su,” is himself a Carlmont alum. Mohammadi was a very successful Carlmont basketball player, playing varsity all four years of high school and winning PAL MVP in his junior and senior years. He even lead his team to a CCS championship game his senior year.

Mohammadi then went on to play basketball at Foothill college and eventually at Fresno Pacific Univerity. Later, he decided to take his talents internationally, playing basketball in Dubai, Amsterdam, and India at a professional level.

According to Jewett, Mohammadi joined the Carlmont coaching staff last season and had some experience coaching varsity, and when a spot for assistant coach opened up on JV, Mohammadi seemed to be the perfect fit.

“We decided not to retain one of the assistant coaches from last year and the varsity coached asked me if I had been familiar with [Mohammadi] and offered if I would like to work with him. I said absolutely and it’s been a really good fit for us,” Jewett said.

Anthony Eliopoulos
The JV team comes together in a huddle to go over their plays.

So far, Mohammadi has been a perfect fit for the team, building a powerful connection with the team and seeming to be like an older brother to the players.

“Being a ballplayer myself, I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to be yelled at. I’ve had my ups and downs, my emotions have gotten the best of me at some points, and I understand that can happen with young players. I think them knowing I’m a player myself makes it seem like I’m not acting as a coach,” Mohammadi said.

Despite having five players that are entirely new to the Carlmont sports program, the team’s chemistry throughout the players seems to be very strong. 

“I think we’ve bonded quickly and I think these new players will get used to Jewett’s coaching style and also get used to what Jewett expects from us,” said sophomore forward Brady Greene.

The returning players are doing all they can to be leaders and make the newer players feel comfortable and confident with the team.

“[The returning players] need to keep encouraging guys despite what other people are saying about our team. We have a really great group of guys, and we need to keep work ethic and confidence high,” said sophomore center and forward Hunter Dahlberg.

Anthony Eliopoulos
Sophomore Tripp Garrish warms up with layups and post moves.

Although the connection is strong, the players still have some tidying up to do on the court.

“We have a lot of work to do. These kids are hungry, though, and when you have that, you can always succeed,” Mohammadi said.

Working hard doesn’t seem to be a problem for this young team.

“So far, we look good. The work ethic is really off the charts. I couldn’t ask any more of them than what they’re giving us, so we’re happy. It’s really good to see,” Jewett said.

Many people are worried that the team is missing many key players that they had last year. Between players that got moved up to varsity or got cut during tryouts, the JV team is missing many noticeable players who played key roles last season.

“Once things like [losing key players] happen, you don’t really look back. You look forward and just blend what we have because you know those are the people that we’re going to be playing in these games with. We just have to mold together… we win as a team, we lose as a team,” Jewett said.

Overall, there are high hopes for this year’s JV team. With their team chemistry, work ethic, and hunger to win, the upcoming season will undoubtedly be exciting to watch.

For all game dates and locations, please visit the Carlmont Athletics Website.

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