Season three of ‘On My Block’ drags the series down


Alameda at Victory, Burbank CA /Downtowngal / Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

This is a photo of Burbank, California, where the majority on "On My Block" was filmed.

In light of our new socially-distanced lifestyles, we’re all looking for new and exciting shows to pass the time.
Some may think the Netflix original “On My Block” is the perfect show to do that. However, that isn’t the case.
Although entertaining, “On My Block” has significant flaws that make it not only difficult to watch but also frustrate the viewer after a day of binging.
The show is about a group of friends and their struggles living in the fictional city Freeridge, a rough, gang-filled neighborhood with a lot of violence. They go through a lot as a group, from kidnappings to murder, and as a viewer, you feel like you’re experiencing it with them.
Now, there are two main reasons why people would watch a show. It is either because they’re really bored and have nothing better to do, or because they are genuinely interested in what they are watching. For me, “On my Block” his show fell somewhere in the middle. At times it was really interesting, while at other times watching it felt like a chore.
Right off the bat, the actors’ awkward acting and cheesy lines stand out. The acting is annoying, and at times, distracting; however, that is not unexpected from a Netflix original.
What really makes it an overall lousy show is it’s ending.
For a lot of viewers, the things that make a show worth watching is either getting a good laugh or a valuable lesson. While occasionally funny, the only lesson in “On My Block” was that no matter how hard you try, you’ll end up succumbing to the stereotypes and expectations built up for you — more than half of the characters ended up becoming what they were most afraid of being.
Watching characters you learn to love and root for become the exact opposite of what they wanted to be isn’t at all a refreshing, unique plot twist, it’s downright disappointing.
The fact that the show had a cute and wholesome ending until the short peep into the future made it that much more frustrating.
For the most part, “On My Block” was entertaining, and the writers did a good job of making sure the viewers were genuinely committed to its plotlines. However, that being said, this engaging plot was dragged down by the show’s abrupt and disappointing ending.
Because of this, “On My Block” is a perfect example of a time drain.

Check out the season three trailer here.