Senior quotes create opportunities for students to express themselves


Kevin Shimizu

Senior quotes from page 122 of the 2017 yearbook

Kevin Shimizu, Staff Writer

The deadline for turning in senior quotes has come and passed much like the high school lives of many Carlmont seniors.

Senior quotes are an annual tradition in many high schools that give students an opportunity to express themselves. Student quotes can vary from being inspirational to just making a joke.

However, some wish to encapsulate the memories of their four years of high school into a single quote.

“I think they’re pretty cool,” said senior Katie Hill. “They’re a way to express your general feelings or what you have [to say] on a certain topic or just a goodbye to the school that people can look in the yearbook and remember you for.”

“As a senior, it’s just cool to leave your mark,” Hill said.

Carolyn Welter, alumni of Carlmont High School, also finds that senior quotes allow students to express who they are.

“I love senior quotes. It gives a little insight to who you are as a person,” Welter said.

Welter refers to herself as a thespian, a term related to theater and drama. She was an actress in the 2018 Carlmont Musical and held an executive position in the Carlmont Technical Theater Association.

“I wanted my quote to represent a hobby and a love that is an essential part of me,” Welter said.

I wanted my quote to represent a hobby and a love that is an essential part of me. ”

— Carolyn Welter

“As much as I appreciate the inspirational quotations, they tend to get a bit cliche the more you read, so I wanted to put some sharp humor into the quotation pool,” Welter said. “I’m also a witty person, according to my friends, so it seemed fitting that my senior quote would reflect that.”

Welter had two requirements that her quote must adhere to which reflected herself and her passion.

“It had to be witty and it had to be from a musical,” Welter said.


Kevin Shimizu

While many seniors reflect on the past four years, some seniors look toward the future and what is to come.

“My quote is going to be about environmental science and climate change and that’s what I’m going into in college,” Hill said. “It’s just a cool end to school and a beginning to the rest of your life in a meaningful saying.”

Although senior quotes are optional, many students jump at the opportunity to add a voice to their portraits.

“I think everyone should do one if you have the opportunity to do it,” Hill said.