Seniors named 2017 Powderpuff champions

The senior team takes their warm ups seriously to get ready for their last game.

Sadie Lyman , Staff Writer

The senior Powderpuff team stripped the win from the juniors at their Championship game.

On Oct. 24, the junior and senior Powderpuff teams fought for first place in the 2017 Powderpuff Championships. The game consisted of many thought-out plays and teamwork from both sides. In the end, both teams played hard, but the seniors emerged victorious with a final score of 28-7.

Powderpuff is a Homecoming Week tradition in which each grade has their own girls football team, playing each other throughout the week. This year marked a new tradition where instead of playing the Championships at lunch, the game took place at night.

“Powderpuff is a great way to get involved in school and also proves girls are equally as good at sports as guys are. It also helps me and the other coaches continue to practice football outside of our normal practice and teach others how to play,” said coach Nico Franchi, a junior.

Spectators also enjoyed seeing their peers play against each other and cheering on their grade. It is one of the many homecoming activities that bring people together.

“Both teams did a great job in the Championship game. It was fun to watch people I know play because the activity is very spirited and I like cheering on my friends,” said sophomore Ella Reyes.

To prepare for the game, each team went through many practices where they learned different plays and also bonded with each other as a whole.

“We practiced every Sunday and worked hard to prepare for this. We helped to dial down defense and offense for the team,” said Franchi.

On the other hand, the senior coaches had a different approach to prepare for the season.

“We had many practices were we conditioned and yelled a lot. It really helped prepare the team for this night,” said coach Jordan Brandenburg, a senior.

In the end, both teams believe that they tried their hardest at practice and during the game.

“I think we played very well considering not that many of us showed up to practice, but the girls who did really worked hard to get ready to play this season. Even though we lost, I am still happy I got to play and meet new people I normally wouldn’t even speak to,” said Sammy Blucher, a junior.