Seniors sign up for the last event before graduation


Kimberly Brodersen

Seniors can pick up the form that needs to be completed for the trip outside of the ASB room.

Kimberly Brodersen, Staff Writer

Not many people can enjoy getting a waterpark all to themselves, but the Carlmont seniors who participate in the senior picnic event will be able to do just that.

The senior picnic is an annual event for seniors that allows them to celebrate the end of the year and the end of high school. It is the last senior event before graduation.

This year, the picnic takes place on Monday, June 3. Seniors will board the bus at Carlmont at 8 a.m. and get back at 3 p.m. Seniors who are interested in going to the senior picnic must submit a field trip permission by May 10. The form is available on the Carlmont website, or a hard copy can be picked up outside the ASB room. The form needs to be turned in with a $35 payment.

The ASB students are currently focused on promoting the event and getting as many seniors as possible to sign up.

Tim Krassiev, one of the senior vice presidents, said, “The senior council publicizes as much as we can to get people to sign up.”

The $35 student fee pays for both the buses and the entrance fee for the water park.

Alex Derhacobian, the senior president, said, “The fee goes towards renting the facilities and transportation.”

Jim Kelly, the ASB teacher, wanted to keep the exact name of the water park a surprise but was willing to give information about the water park.

Kelly said, “We like to keep it a secret. It is a full water slide park with a lazy river and four water slides, full pool, picnic areas, and a volleyball court, and we get to be the only group there.”

The water park is one of the reasons the majority of seniors sign up for the big celebration.

Jim Kelly said, “We usually get around 70% of the class who go.”

The water park is a big part of the draw, but the senior picnic is also a day off of school plus the last chance for students to enjoy some time together as a class.

Kelly said, “Seniors go to the senior picnic because we get an entire water slide park all to ourselves. It’s the last super fun class activity that they get to do together.”

It can be a very emotional time for seniors because it’s the last big event before graduation. After graduation, seniors will all be going their separate ways.

Derhacobian said, “Just enjoy the last moments before we graduate.”