Snowflakes for Scots helps Carlmont families in need


Skylar Weiss

Jade Sebti, a junior, decorates a holiday cookie as a gift to a friend.

Skylar Weiss, Staff Writer

To many, the holiday season is recognized as a time for giving.

That is why the ASB Do Something commission has organized Snowflakes for Scots.

“With Snowflakes for Scots, we’re collecting money for families in need at Carlmont so that they can have presents, nice dinners, and other things associated with the holiday season,” said junior Do Something commissioner Shelby Young.

During previous years, donations have been accepted for the same cause, but it was known as the Giving Tree.

Snowflakes for Scots is not only a new name but also a different way of representing funds. However, the event is still recognized as the Giving Tree on the Carlmont High School official calendar.

“The idea includes a poster with snowflakes that show the progress of our donations, but it got taken down due to rain. When the idea was known as the Giving Tree, a tree poster represented our funds,” said Young.

Students had the opportunity to donate up until Dec. 9.

“Student collections ended before dead week because we don’t want to stress students out; a lot of kids are already so busy,” said Young.

In addition to collecting donations, ASB is also holding cookie decorating opportunities in the quad until Dec. 13. The proceeds from the cookie purchases will go to Snowflakes for Scots.

“We’re selling cookies to spread holiday cheer. Cookie decorating is really fun with families, but it’s cool that people can come to school and do that, too. It’s a great way to add donations to Snowflakes for Scots,” said senior ASB Spirit commissioner Alyssa Fine.

ASB Spirit commissioner Sophie Clark, a senior, came up with the idea to host the cookie decorating.

“We wanted to give an opportunity for all students to get involved in giving. It’s also a great activity because it includes anyone, not just those who celebrate Christmas; anyone can make cookies without boundaries. You also get a cute photo at the end, which is nice. All our proceeds go to families in need, so overall it’s a great way to bring our community together,” said Clark.

Many students enjoyed the opportunity to give back to their community as well as take part in holiday celebrations.

“I decorated a cookie, which was very fun to personalize with colors and sprinkles. I even gave one to a friend,” said Jade Sebti, a junior.