Socks and sandals should not be worn together


The unusual look: socks and sandals.

Ariana Crame, Staff Writer

Socks with sandals is not the best looking or the most popular fashion statement, but some people don’t mind being different and standing out. Not a lot of people wear socks and sandals, but some do for various reasons.

Socks and sandals are not an attractive look but people have different opinions about others wearing socks and sandals.

“People who wear socks and sandals a lot might just do it to prove a point. They might just want to stand out and be different. They don’t want to follow what society is saying,” said freshman Paris Bartolo.

“I think wearing socks and sandals in public is ridiculous and I don’t think it is a good look. A lot of people feel that way too. Socks and sandals are something that our school did for a spirit day because everyone sees socks and sandals as a goofy, funny-looking outfit,” said sophomore Connor Loucks.

Usually when people wear socks and sandals out in public they get weird looks and stand out more.

“Most people wouldn’t wear socks and sandals but people shouldn’t judged for it, because that is just their style. it’s no big deal, people should be able to wear whatever they want without being judged,” said Bartolo.

 “Another reason why people wear socks and sandals is because a lot of times athletes wear them because they are pregame shoes,” said Loucks.

Convenience is a major reason why people wear the sock and sandal combination. Athletes who need to make a quick shoe change often opt to slip on sandals rather than go through the trouble of putting on regular shoes. That would be the only “acceptable” time someone can wear socks and sandals.

Very few people wear socks and sandals in public. It is more of a comfort, around the house, easy look.

“Some people do think that socks and sandals are a comfortable combination but I don’t feel that way. I think people wear them to be different because not many people wear them,” said Loucks.

“I think socks and sandals are something that people can wear when they are home, but it’s not usual to wear socks with sandals out in public,” said sophomore Erika Marshall. “Socks are for shoes. Sandals were made so people don’t have to wear socks with their shoes if they don’t want to.”

Whether people are trying to show their individuality, going for comfort or wearing socks and sandals for convenience, everyone should feel free to do it as they please.