Software engineer becomes math teacher


Mr Lai can be found in room E-14 teaching math

Becca Fradkin , Scot Scoop Multimedia Editor/Social Media Team

David Lai, Carlmont’s new Geometry and Algebra I teacher, did not originally plan on teaching as a career.

Lai grew up, attended grade school, high school, and college all in the East Bay. Lai said, “I never planned on moving to the Peninsula until I got a job in Mountain View.”

In Mountain View, Lai worked as a software engineer, not knowing he would soon become a teacher.

“I think it’s so cool that Mr. Lai was an engineer before a teacher. It gave him outside experience that he uses in his teaching,” said freshman Elizabeth Boman.

During his time as an engineer, Lai volunteered at Mountain View High School and Woodside High School as a substitute teacher. “[I taught] because I lived in Mountain View. The Sequoia School District was close to home and available to me,” said Lai.

“After a year of volunteering, I decided I wanted to pursue teaching,” said Lai.

Inspired to continue teaching, Lai attended night courses to receive his teaching credentials, leaving his former profession as an engineer to become a math teacher.

“Mr. Lai makes jokes all the time during class and puts his name into practice problems. He’s really nice and offers to help us all the time,” said freshman Angelina Andrighetto.

Due to his previous affiliation with the Sequoia District, Carlmont was an easy choice for Lai. Lai said, “I think Carlmont’s campus is beautiful; there are so many trees and it’s a great place to work.”

Lai can be found in room E14, teaching both Geometry and Algebra I. Lai said, “Students should always push themselves further, I don’t want them to limit themselves to believe that they can’t do it, because I know they can.”