Spinning into a new tournament


Samantha Dahlberg

Sophomore Kyle Dimick presents the Beyblade that he hopes will bring him to victory in the upcoming tournament.

Samantha Dahlberg, Staff Writer

The Beyblade tournament is a new event that is happening at Carlmont in the ASB room on Feb. 22. 

Beyblades are small spinning tops that are put into an arena against their opponent. In order to be the winner, a player needs to make sure that their Beyblade spins longer than the one that it is competing with.

ASB hopes to get around 25 people to compete in the tournament so that they are able to have large competitions.

The tournament may bring back memories for students as some have been playing with Beyblades since they were young.

“They are still really fun to play with and they spin around really fast when you hit them together. It is pretty fun to play with your friends,” said sophomore Sho Takahashi.

Despite the players’ experience, sometimes the Beyblade does not work in their favor.

“Beyblades are kind of painful when you do it wrong. You will hurt yourself if you aren’t careful,” said Phoebe Father, a junior.

Although some students will leave with small injuries, many see this tournament as a way to include a wider variety of people in school spirit.

“I tried to include those people who never enter the ‘sporty’ tournaments and instead give them something to look forward to,” said sophomore Kyle Dimick, leader of the Beyblades tournament.