Spirit week comes across as simple but fun


Andrew Cross

Informational signs on spirit week could be found posted around campus.

Andrew Cross, Staff Writer

With spring break in a week, students are trying to survive as long as they can.

“We have had three day weekends, but we haven’t had a long break since the end of the first semester. I am just trying to last one more week before we finally get off for spring beak,” said sophomore Nick Brooks.

With spring break approaching, ASB is trying to make things fun for students so they can get through each day. That is why they had another spirit week.

“Since spring break is happening later than it has in the past, we wanted to have a spirit week to try to make it enjoyable for students to come to school,” said junior Spencer Stewart.

This spirit week was similar to the past ones where each day had a different theme. This week the themes were socks and sandals day, twin day, workout day, tie dye day, and mathletes verses athletes day.

The difference between this spirit week than the others is how straightforward it is.

“There have been some spirit weeks in the past where not everybody could dress up because they didn’t have certain types of clothes. This spirit week is simple and everybody can dress up,” said Stewart.

Besides the fact that it was straight forward, students also had fun dressing up this week and seeing what other people wore.

“Some of the clothes people wore for workout day were really cool, and there were people that were really creative with twin day,” said junior Megan Wilson.

With one more week to go, students hope they can get through the last week and get on break.

“The spirit week helped make the days go by faster. Hopefully this last week goes by quickly so we can start spring beak,” said Brooks.