“SPY×FAMILY” is an enjoyable mix of action and comedy


Glydelle Espano

There are currently 3 volumes of “SPY×FAMILY” out in English.  

The manga “SPY×FAMILY” is a concoction of action and comedy, creating laughter and excitement with every panel. With a plot centered around a spy, assassin, and telepathic child as a family, “Spy X Family” utilizes dramatic irony, a cast of lovable characters, and a thrilling plot to enthrall readers. 

“SPY×FAMILY” is a recent, ongoing manga written by Tatsuya Endo. There are currently three physical volumes released in English and 40 chapters available to read on the VIZ Media website. It is also part of the Shonen Jump+ online magazine, which has included other well-known manga such as “Haikyu!!” and “Fire Punch.”

“SPY×FAMILY” is about a talented spy known as Twilight, whose mission is to investigate Donovan Desmond, the president of a major political party. To do so, he must infiltrate Eden Academy, where Desmond’s son attends. Twilight changes his identity to Loid Forger and has to find a “family” to fulfill his mission, so he adopts an orphan named Anya, a secret telepath, and marries Yor Briar, who is secretly also an assassin! Nicknamed “Thorn Princess,” Yor agreed to marry Loid to cover her own secret job. As the newly-formed Forgers family, they must act normally while keeping their secrets from each other. 

Beyond the premise, the plot is already action-packed and extremely enjoyable. Seeing how the Forgers try to function as an average family is one of the highlights of this manga that lightens up the plot’s darker elements. One of my favorite scenes in the first volume was when the Forgers go to Eden Academy for Anya’s admission interview. Their thoroughness in preparing for such a typical family event and fumblings in front of the administrators had me laughing every page.

The characters are also why “SPY×FAMILY” is such a fun read. The Forgers are a well-written family that shows healthy character development: Loid Forger is a famous spy known for his disguises and closed-off demeanor. Yet, the readers see him begin to open up to Anya Forger and Briar and genuinely care for them as the story progresses. However, it’s also delightful seeing him excel at his job, keeping his true identity under wraps. 

Anya Forger is probably the most entertaining character. As she reads people’s minds throughout the story, especially her parents, her reactions are hilarious. Seeing Loid Forger’s mission through her eyes offers an interesting outside perspective to Loid Forger’s character growth, adding a layer of interpretation to an already complex plot. Her unsuccessful attempts to aid her adoptive father are adorable! She also has many funny moments with her classmates, like when she tries to befriend Desmond’s son, Damien.  

Briar is also a lovable character, as she mothers Anya Forger like her own and cares for her newfound family. She’s an extremely powerful assassin in her own right, and watching her trying to balance this supernatural strength and her everyday disguise is very amusing.

All in all, “Spy X Family” is a 5 out of 5; it is a delightful manga to read for a good laugh. The plot is heart-warming and amusing while also thrilling. The characters are lovable, and they make this manga such a fun read.

And who knows, there might be a spy, assassin, or telepath in your midst.

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