The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

Scot Scoop News

The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Alice Lan

Alice Lan, Staff Writer

Alice "Lili" Lan is currently a senior at Carlmont High School. In her last year of the journalism program, she is excited to continue exploring and challenging herself. Besides Scot Scoop, she is the Scotlight editor for The Highlander, Carlmont's news magazine. Outside of journalism, she is an artist and competitive fencer.

Twitter: @lil_ilan

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Spotify offers a shareable and interactive end-of-year recap for its users, called Spotify Wrapped. I like that this year I was in the top 0.1% of listeners for Potsu. It’s cool, said Evan Wang, a senior at Carlmont.

Spotify Wrapped transforms music streaming into cultural highlight

Alice Lan, Staff Writer December 17, 2023

Music streaming is a highly personal experience, but Spotify has found a way to transform it into a viral phenomenon.  Spotify Wrapped began as a marketing campaign, but has evolved into a much-anticipated...

Some of the common label claims that appear on food packaging to suggest healthiness, but they may be misleading. Proper nutrition and food safety go hand in hand with greater transparency and awareness.

The nutrition behind the label claim

Alice Lan, Staff Writer December 5, 2023

Natural. Plant-based. Gluten-free.  As consumers grow increasingly mindful of the contents found in their food, healthy buzzwords have become commonplace on food packaging. While these terms can be...

The Marvels debuts with an all-time low at the box office, reflecting the downward trajectory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

‘The Marvels’ fails to bring Marvel Cinematic Universe higher, further, faster

Alice Lan, Staff Writer November 18, 2023

Marvel Studios’ most recent release, “The Marvels,” made its debut on Nov. 10. Before it hit theaters, the movie was already forecasted to be a commercial disappointment and projected to reach only...

As Halloween approaches, students turn to thrifting as a sustainable alternative to store-bought Halloween costumes.

Spooky costumes don’t have to scare the environment

Alice Lan, Staff Writer October 4, 2023

From endless candy to elaborate decorations and creative costumes, Halloween has become a sensational holiday celebrated by millions around the world. As enjoyable as the spooky season can be, it's not...

Recent and upcoming Disney remakes, such as The Little Mermaid (2023) and Snow White (2024), present a diverse cast of characters and controversial plot reimaginings.

Disney’s live-action remakes fuel a broader diversity and inclusion discussion

Alice Lan, Staff Writer September 13, 2023

In the past decade or so, Disney has committed itself to releasing live-action remakes and adaptations of many animated classics, from Cinderella (2015) to The Lion King (2019) and The Little Mermaid (2023)....

Missing out on the stereotypical high school experience does not mean you are wasting your youth.

Column: You’re not boring, you’re a high schooler

Alice Lan, Staff Writer May 11, 2023

Maintain a good GPA above all costs, but don’t focus too much on grades.  Attend all the football games and school dances, but don’t go alone.  Dating isn’t worth it, but you should do it...

Efforts in Congress to ban TikTok reflect ignorance and Sinophobia. TikTok is not perfect, but neither is any other social media platform.

Opinion: TikTok has its problems, but Sinophobia doesn’t answer them

Alice Lan, Staff Writer April 7, 2023

Google, Meta, Apple, and Microsoft. For decades, America has dominated the global technology and social networking market.  Then came TikTok.  Launched in 2017 as a subsidiary of the Chinese company...

As artificial intelligence makes its way into the music industry, the value and purpose of music will change forever.

Opinion: Artificial intelligence will revolutionize music

Alice Lan, Staff Writer March 17, 2023

Since the beginning of time, music has been a form of expression distinctive to humanity. Recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), however, are calling into question the true value and impact...

K-pop groups are often controlled by their agencies and have little autonomy over their performances and concepts.

Column: I used to be a K-pop stan too

Alice Lan, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

I remember the first time I came across a BTS music video in 2016. The seven boys on screen utterly mesmerized me, and before I knew it, they had become the highlight of my world.  It’s a familiar...

From COVID-19 policies to cracking down on protests to violating human rights, the people of China are losing their autonomy under President Xi Jinpings regime.

Opinion: China is on a path towards totalitarianism

Alice Lan, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

“Democracies cannot be sustained in the 21st century. Autocracies will run the world.” This ominous warning, issued during a phone call with President Joe Biden on the night of the 2020 election,...

Racially ambiguous people are often misidentified because their physical appearance does not correspond to their racial identity. They exist beyond the socially constructed boxes of race, and their experiences offer a different perspective on racial identity and categorization.

Racial ambiguity: Beyond the checkboxes

Alice Lan, Staff Writer December 13, 2022

Race doesn’t define you, they say.  Yet in a society so rooted in racial classification, stereotypes and prejudice are mundane experiences. Race has integrated its way into countless aspects of life,...

Lillian Yao and Megan Li pose for a late BeReal during lunch.

[Photo] Opinion: It’s time to be real about BeReal

Alice Lan, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

Consistently posting on BeReal generates a archive of memories that only you can see. The calendar encapsulates entire months through singular moments, offering a visual documentation of your life.

Unprecedented demand for Taylor Swifts The Eras Tour caused concert ticket platform Ticketmaster to sell out during the presale, leaving many fans empty-handed.

Opinion: Ticketmaster, ‘I knew you were trouble’

Alice Lan, Staff Writer December 1, 2022

Buying concert tickets is known to be ridiculously difficult, and through the recent Taylor Swift fiasco, Ticketmaster has revealed itself as the primary culprit.  Ticketmaster and parent company Live...

Opinion: It’s okay to enjoy music by problematic artists

Alice Lan, Staff Writer October 21, 2022

Too often, we discover songs we love just to find out that terrible people created them. Most recently, news of sexual assault charges against indie artist Alex O’Connor, professionally known as...

Opinion: Celebrity cheating scandals reflect toxic relationship standards

Alice Lan, Staff Writer October 2, 2022

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  Celebrity relationships have always been under the spotlight. Few end well, serving as a reminder that the entertainment industry is rooted...

New bell schedules dont result in students getting more sleep; contrary to the intent of SB 328.

Opinion: Students only lose sleep over new school start times 

Alice Lan, Staff Writer September 10, 2022

Teenagers need more sleep. It's a problem everyone acknowledges, and a problem California's Senate Bill 328 (SB 328) hopes to solve. The bill states that high schools should start no earlier than 8:30...

Carlmonts BTI program allows students to learn about biotechnology in an interactive and immersive manner.

Biotechnology: shaping the future of human health

Alice Lan and Micah Cheng May 24, 2022

If you are reading this, you might live to 130 years old. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the Census Bureau (CB) forecasts that the average life expectancy in...

Unsold products from supermarkets are donated to food organizations such as the Milpitas Food Pantry, but oftentimes the items have gone bad and must be composted. The people we service dont have much to begin with, said Aldo Quintana, a volunteer at the Pantry. They deserve good food thats not expired.

Supermarkets stomach responsibility for food waste

Alice Lan, Staff Writer May 11, 2022

One in ten Californians goes hungry every day. Meanwhile, 30% to 40% of America's food supply ends up in landfills each year. Food waste is a global pandemic that destroys the environment and deprives...

Prices at a local gas station reach nearly $6 per gallon. A tank of gas is probably at least $70 right now, which is ridiculous, but people really dont have a choice but to pay for it, said Carlmont junior Linda Lin. It makes me feel better knowing this is at least helping Ukraine.

‘Putin price hike’ sparks concern for inflation

Alice Lan, Staff Writer March 22, 2022

The beginning of 2022 marked an optimistic recovery from the pandemic's crippling economic effects. Then, on Feb. 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. The United States and its allies quickly responded by imposing...

TikTok influencers, the North Star Boys, pose in front of a Stop Asian Hate sign.

Asian community accuses TikTok influencers of performative activism

Alice Lan, Staff Writer January 28, 2022

Woom Sing Tse was shot 22 times in broad daylight, only a block away from his home. Eight months after being attacked, Yao Pan Ma passed away from severe head injuries. Two weeks later, a homeless man...

Ally Blucher, a sophomore, jumps to kick the ball downfield.

Scots crush Panthers in Firebird Classic

Alice Lan, Staff Writer December 8, 2021

Carlmont girls JV soccer won a shutout against Burlingame in a pre-season home game on Tuesday, Dec. 7. As part of the Firebird Classic tournament, the Scots currently have a record of 2-0 with no...

World Vasectomy Day takes place in the third week of November and has been celebrated in numerous countries for the past eight years.

World Vasectomy Day: Men are part of the equation 

Alice Lan, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

Upon the mentions of vasectomies, many teens can't help but snicker. Some don't even know what the word means. Even for adults, the subject is highly stigmatized and obscure. This year, World Vasectomy...

During a block, Christina Campie, a middle blocker for the Knights, touches Carlmont sophomore Lillian Fox’s spike. I definitely could have played better, but I think we played and lost as a team and thats the most important part, Campie said.

Scots conquer Knights in season closer

Alice Lan and Dylan Crockwell October 27, 2021

Carlmont JV volleyball celebrated a smooth conclusion to their season, dominating the Hillsdale Knights two sets to none in an impressive display of strength and resilience from both sides.   This...

Joshua Ting, a junior, serves the birdie in a practice match at a Carlmont open gym.

Badminton open gym combats effects of COVID-19

Alice Lan, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

After over a year immersed in pandemic uncertainty, Carlmont’s badminton athletes are hopeful for a smooth transition into the upcoming season. The badminton open gyms are designed to support this...

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Alice Lan