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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Staggering number of freshmen try out for boys soccer

Miles Ozorio
Freshman Alexander Viatchenko-Karpinski nutmegs a defender in midfield during a scrimmage.

An overwhelming amount of freshmen came out on Monday, Oct. 29, to try out for the freshman and JV boys soccer teams.

Along with the freshmen, many sophomores and juniors also came out to compete for the limited spots on the JV team.

Despite the limited roster spots, the coach of both teams, Carlmont alum Ryan Freeman, thinks that the increase in players is a change for the better.

“Numbers are the biggest change this year, but we’re excited because we have a lot of really good players,” Freeman said.

Making sure the best players land a spot on the correct team, either freshman, JV, or varsity, is Freeman’s most important job during tryouts.

Freeman said of the task, “We want to make sure we balance the players between freshman, JV, and varsity, so it’s a lot of me communicating with the varsity coaches.”

Communication between the coaches is one of the most significant changes from past years and, according to Freeman, it is creating a single system instead of a string of stand-alone teams.

The players also feel the difference in style. Devin Billingsley, a junior, who is trying out for varsity, knows what the program was like just a few years ago.

“It’s interesting because the teams didn’t use to be like this. We didn’t communicate with juniors and seniors on varsity at all as sophomores and freshmen. Now it’s a bit closer,” Billingsley said.

For a lot of the freshmen, playing against boys three or four years older than them is a first.

“I was kind of nervous the first couple days, but it was easier than I thought it would be. It is a lot more difficult than club because there are some kids I’m playing against that are three years older than me,” said Johan Romero, a freshman.

Carlmont gets players mainly from local clubs like Belmont United and San Carlos United, according to Freeman. However, Carlmont’s soccer tryouts are nothing like those for club teams.

“Trying out for Carlmont is way different than club because it’s way colder and a lot more competitive,” said Josh Ahn, a sophomore.

The older players are not the only ones who notice a contrast. For the freshmen too, trying out for Carlmont is a big step.

Freshman Michael Tong said, “There are a lot more people, and tryouts take a lot longer than they did when I tried out for my club team.”

With such a big jump from club to high school soccer, the freshman team gives some freshmen the chance to adjust.

“Since there are so many freshmen trying out, having a freshmen team is a big difference because there is that other option for these players,” Freeman said.

Additionally, having a freshman team creates the type of program Carlmont lacked in the past, but is working to develop.

When asked about the need for a freshman team, Freeman said, “It is a lot about building a program so by the time these freshmen are seniors, we want to have a big enough, strong program.”

With tryouts nearing their end, the coaching staff and many players are looking ahead for the season. Even though for many freshmen this winter will be the first time playing for a school soccer team, there is a lot of excitement in the air.

“I’m really eager to play for the first time with my friends from school,” Tong said.

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Miles Ozorio
Miles Ozorio, Scot Scoop Editor
Miles Ozorio is currently a senior and Scot Scoop Managing Editor who looks to tell the underlying story of emotion in sports. He plays basketball for Carlmont and is involved in sports organizations both inside and outside of school. To check out his portfolio, click here. Twitter: @MilesOzorio

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Staggering number of freshmen try out for boys soccer