Stress-free break turns into stressful academics


Rachel Borshchenko

Student Rhea Subramanian rushes to finish her work as she settles back into the routine of school.

Rachel Borshchenko, Staff Writer

Say goodbye to warm, sandy beaches and hello to textbooks, AP tests, and homework.

Spring break has officially ended for Carlmont students, and the next break isn’t until summer.

With the warm weather that occurred during break, many were able to make the most of their vacation and enjoy their time off.

“I was able to go on a vacation to New York with my family, which was fun and a good break from school,” said junior Rhea Subramanian.

Some prefer to stay at home during break rather than going on any kind of vacation.

Sophomore Michelle Tenin said, “I mostly did homework over the break, which was boring, but then I prepared the house for when my French exchange student, Camille, would get here. She came to America the Saturday before break ended.”

The adjustment of going back to school has been hard for some Carlmont students, as they have to transition from having hardly any work to preparing for the end of the year.

“I am sad that spring break is over and that I have to get back to my busy schedule after I had such a nice time to relax,” said Tenin.

Others have had an easier time getting back into the routine of going to school.

Subramanian said, “Going back was fine because of the fact that I did not get as much homework as I usually do. I feel like I was well rested from break, though I do wish the break itself was longer than just one week.”

The need for a longer break is a shared feeling between many Carlmont students.

Sophomore Kevin Xiang said, “Though the break was nice, I still wish it was longer because it feels good to be back from school. Now that I am back, I have a lot of tests and work that I have to finish.”

With all the stress, one thing students do have to look forward to is summer break. It may seem far away, but there are only about 30 days of school left until the Scots get to head home for the summer.

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