Students and staff give thanks together


Nour Zabaneh

Students help create the tree of appreciation

Family, food, friends, comfort.

These words relate to the time of year where friends and family congregate together to celebrate their gratitude.

People view Thanksgiving as a time to get together with loved ones and celebrate their heritage with food. Carlmont’s ASB Culture Commission, part of Service Council, has decided to commemorate Thanksgiving with a tree of thanks.

“The goal of this tree is for everyone to express their thankfulness with everybody,” said junior Nour Zabaneh, a member of the culture commission.

Tori Miranda, a junior in ASB’s Executive Branch, elaborated on the Thanksgiving tree’s purpose. “It’s a really cute and inclusive idea that will help unite people.”

On Nov. 23, ASB plans to put the tree in the quad for all students to be able to participate in the Thanksgiving festivity. Students can write what they are thankful for on post it notes and stick it onto the tree to share their thankfulness.

“I am excited for the end product of it all. I hope that students’ appreciation will be promoted and shared with everybody,” said Zabaneh.

This tree incorporates Carlmont’s new movement for staff and students to make personal connections. The school has started to branch out to students by sending them birthday grams and shout-outs to promote self esteem.

The administration was asked how they think the thanksgiving tree will help build the connection between staff and students.

“I think that having the staff give their thoughts about what they are thankful for will provide a connection between staff and students that wouldn’t have been there before,” said Administrative Vice Principal Grant Steunenberg.

In the future, Carlmont plans to offer more opportunities for students and staff to build personal connections, and the Thanksgiving tree is just one of many ways Carlmont can build those connections.