Students crave Chipotle


Students grab a quick and much craved meal from Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Chipotle Club succeeded in becoming recognized as an official club at school, despite some controversy when getting started.

The club was created and is currently run by its president,  junior Brandon Magpayo, its vice president, junior JT Snider, its secretary, senior Josh Fagel, and its treasurer, junior Sohun Asware.

“Chipotle Club was started to be able to eat Chipotle at school,” stated JT Snider.

Starting a club at school may seem simple, however, there were many concerns from the administration about Chipotle Club and the profits they would be making.

Clubs are not allowed to make any sort of profit for themselves. Since students would would be paying for their meals and the transportation of them this left the administration uneasy. ASB, in fact, voted against the creation of the club. However, the students’ solution was to provide chips for the members of the club using any extra profit.

Over the weekends, the founders of the club place the orders made on Fridays by members of the club and have them picked up and delivered to school the following Monday.

“Chipotle makes your Monday better,” stated junior Christina Galisatus.

The purpose of Chipotle Club was to be able to enjoy a Chipotle meal at school with fellow students who appreciate it as well.

“It’s a very good idea. It would be cool to be a part of it. I want to join,” stated senior Gabe Crespin.

Chipotle Club will be participating in Carlmont’s club fair on Oct. 4 by advertising their club and what they are all about. In addition, this school year the club will officially be in the yearbook. Chipotle Club’s successes are continuing to grow and become more well known among students.