Students enjoy more than just dancing at this year’s prom


Lauren Tierney, Staff Writer

On May 1, 740 Carlmont students attended prom at the San Francisco Academy of Sciences.

This year prom featured way more than just eating and dancing.

Students could explore the museum’s aquarium exhibits, sing karaoke, take photos in the photo booth, and choose from various delicious food options.

Two different crepe stations were set up throughout the venue that included a menu of eight different crepe options including sweet and savory crepes.

Junior Gabriella Lehr said, “I got a strawberry, banana, Nutella crepe with whipped cream. I was very surprised that they also had dinner crepes with chicken and a wide variety of toppings.”

Not only were there crepe stations, but also the popular Ice Cream sandwich shop, “CREAM” was set up at prom. Students were able to pick from a variety of warm cookies and ice cream to make their own custom ice cream sandwich.

In comparison to the Regency Ballroom where prom was held last year the Academy of Sciences was extremely bigger in size with many more activities for students who were not dancing.

Senior Erica Aldenese, “I liked it because last year the venue was smaller and we stayed on the dance floor all night, and this year, it was bigger so we were able to explore and do more. There was a huge difference between last year and this year, but I’m glad we got to try both.”

The dance floor was packed with students dancing at prom, but also was in a very large naturally air conditioned space, providing a more comfortable dance floor.

Senior Toni Lupilin, “I enjoyed this year’s prom a lot more because there was more than enough room to dance and hang out and at the same time you had the option to go explore the rest of the venue. In my opinion it was a lot better than last year.”

For seniors, this was the perfect prom venue for the last high school dance they were to attend.

Senior Joe Rodriguez said, “It was great to see everyone dressed up all together and having fun for our very last high school dance. The Academy of Sciences really made it feel like we went out with a bang.”