Students have mixed emotions about swim unit


Che Larcina Brenes

Swim unit lasts for one quarter and is a state requirement for physical education classes. For some students, swim unit is fun and enjoyable. For others, cold weather and wet clothes make swim unit a hassle.

Che Larcina Brenes, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again when freshmen have to get their feet wet and get ready for the swim unit.

Swim unit is one-quarter long and is part of the state requirement for physical education (P.E.), according to the California Department of Education.

While some students think swim is fun, others think the unit is a disaster.

P.E. teacher David Low said, “A lot of kids think it’s a hassle depending on the time of day.”

In the morning it is usually colder and windier, and many students are reluctant to jump into the chilly water. In contrast, as the day heats up in the afternoon, some students enjoy the cool water.

Freshman Priscilla Fuks said, “Everyone starts shivering, and the water helps a little, but not that much.”

Another common complaint about swim unit is that students are not allowed to put their wet clothes in their P.E. lockers. Instead, they have to carry their chlorine soaked swimwear around campus.

Freshman Bryce Riebel said, “Swimming is pretty fun because it’s different, but it is a pain to carry my bags for swimming.”

For some girls, makeup and hair are a major problem with swim unit.

“I have an on and off relationship with swimming. One big struggle with swimming is trying to finish my makeup after we are done or swimming with makeup on,” said Fuks.

Students are separated into beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmer. Those who can’t swim or struggle swimming will be put in the shallow area to practice until they feel comfortable swimming on their own. At the end, swim unit has multiple tests in order to assess students’ ability in different areas for swimming.

“Beauty of having so many different activities is if a student struggles in one, they always excel in another,” said Low.