Students hold high-end jobs

Students hold high-end jobs

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

The majority of high school students hold jobs that pay a good amount for teenagers but not nearly enough for adults, if they were to have the same job. Although, some students at Carlmont High School have been given the opportunity to work more professional and high-end jobs.

Senior Mia Koenig, for example, has been working as a waitress Piacere for a year and a half. Piacere is a more upscale restaurant located in San Carlos, Calif.

“Piacere is the type of restaurant that is relaxed but also really classy,” said junior Jenna Mourad.

Piacere is a Modern American Cuisine that has a black-lit bar and lounge as well as live music on certain nights of the week. Restaurants that have these kinds of settings and events often earn the reputation of being high-end and more expensive.

“The atmosphere puts a lot of pressure on everyone to live up to the customers expectations. It is a fun environment and it is more enjoyable when everyone works together to guarantee customer satisfaction,” said Koenig.

Working in a more sophisticated setting is a challenge for many teenagers because they have to maintain a polite and positive attitude even if their customers are being rude, disrespectful, or impatient with them. However, circumstances such as these prepare teenagers for real life situations and encounters that they may have once they go off to college and live on their own.

“I have never been to Piacere but my parents have so I know how nice of a restaurant it is. When they go they always make it some big event and get all dressed up,” said junior Daryush Shahid.

Piacere along with other nice sit-down restaurants have waiters and waitresses that are often about the age of a college student or adult, so for a high school senior such as Koenig to have such a high-end job is a great opportunity.

Holding a high-end job, while challenging, can provide a beneficial experience of what it is like to be in a more adult oriented setting. It teaches students to act more mature and professional and maintain all the qualities they need in order to be successful in what they do.