Students join world’s largest environmental group

GYA allows students to take charge in pressing environmental issues in the bay area along with other participating schools on the coast.


Mia Hogan, Staff Writer

Imagine being a part of the Sierra Club, the world’s largest environmental organization.

Green Youth Alliance (GYA) allows students to take charge in pressing environmental issues in the Bay Area along with other participating schools on the coast.

GYA is a Carlmont school club, and is a fraction of the area’s larger regional chapter. The regional chapter includes Sierra Club members and neighboring participating schools, including Mills and Lowell high school.

Junior Claire Grundig said, “Last year I attended a regional film event with neighboring schools. I learned a lot and got to meet a bunch of new people with the same interests as me.”

Both the school chapter and regional chapter plan events and activities to bring attention to modern day environmental issues.

GYA is well known for their Lorenzo’s sandwiches at the last Club’s Fair, and they have many more student engaging activities coming up.

Junior Tara Sharvini, GYA President, said, “This year we have planned out environmental awareness projects in our regional chapter including film screenings, e-waste collection days, and beach clean-ups.”

As the president of Carlmont’s GYA, Sharvini overlooks all projects taking place at Carlmont. As a member of the regional chapter, she communicates with other schools in the area to coordinate activities together and to stay on the same page.

Being a member of the school chapter has fewer requirements than a regional member. The regional chapter participates in more Seirra Club events whereas the school chapter focuses on in school projects and teaching students about environmental issues.

GYA’s next meeting is Sept. 22 in E11. The club meets every other Monday lasting around 10 to 20 minutes.

“I find this club to be very unique based off of their organization. GYA seemed much clearer and straightforward on future events compared to other clubs I have been in. Furthermore, I was shocked how fast and efficient the first meeting was,” said junior Shayan Mandegarian.

Students are welcome to join the club at any time and participate in any of their events year round.