Students search for physical education credits


Matthew AbiEzzi

With school facilities closed and sports seasons on the fence, many students question whether they will receive PE credits this year.

Student-athletes face yet another concern regarding their physical education credits (PE) needed for high school graduation. With sports being a key aspect of credits and seasons being pushed back yet again, students are struggling to get this done.

Although the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) has pushed back high school sports, information on upcoming sports seasons has arrived. This news came after seasons were already pushed back a number of times due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Still, students are hopeful for their sports to start up in March and for them to gain the required PE credit.

“We have been on our toes since the beginning of Season 1 to play, but now it has become more serious due to the fact that I may not get the PE credits I need this year,” said John Hanna, a sophomore on the JV football team.

While the district and state are debating safety precautions, athletes are getting worrisome as their season is nearing its end. With many sophomores already having a crammed schedule, an extra PE credit class may be difficult for some to fit into next year’s schedules.

“I was relying on this year’s sports seasons for PE credits because my schedule junior year will be crammed with AP classes and important electives,” said Alexander Sandin, a sophomore on the JV football team.

Since many students may have to take a PE class in the following years, Patrick Smith, Carlmont’s Athletic Director, touches on the benefits of taking a PE credit class. 

“[PE classes] talk about a healthy mind, healthy body, eating properly. These are all layers of an education that you’ll get in a physical education class that you’ll cherish and use,” Smith said.

Seniors, on the other hand, have been given the opportunity to skip out on any extra PE credits they would need for them to graduate. Due to COVID-19 regulations on the school district, counselors have notified seniors that their graduation requirement for credits has been waived. 

Student-athletes are still keeping their heads up but are struggling to find new ways to maintain a positive attitude. With the added factor of PE credits, the situation for California’s student-athletes only becomes more difficult.

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