Students show off Halloween spirit


Izzy Mitchell

Aliana El Shawa dresses as a deer of light in a home-made costume.

Estella Lippi, Scotcenter Editor-in-Chief

Halloween has almost arrived and students are debating whether to prep and perfect their costumes, or to play it casual.

Many students, like sophomore Andy Notte, decided not to dress up this year because of the weekend date. He said, “I’m not dressing up as anything because I have no reason to. I’m just going to a party on Saturday night and basically just relaxing.”

Not dressing up on Friday seems to be the case for many Carlmont students. Senior Chelsey Stewart said, “I’m not dressing up at school because I don’t like the holiday and it lost its fun in elementary school. Halloween is not my favorite because of its tacky color scheme, and nothing can beat Christmas.”

However some students won’t let the date stop them. Junior Dana Plomgren said, “Of course I’m going to dress up. It’s fun, and I enjoy seeing other people’s costumes. I love Halloween so much. It’s one of the holy trinity of holidays for me.”

Junior Ashley Herrero said, “I’m wearing my costume to school mostly because it’s like something I would wear on a normal day, but it still looks like a Halloween costume. I’m also doing it because my friends are all dressing up.”


Some students have prepared and planned their costume for weeks. Plomgren said, “I’m going to be Disgust from the movie Inside Out. I’ve wanted to be it since I saw the movie at the end of July. I bought separate pieces of the costume and I’m putting it all together.

Some students have only just decided on what they will be wearing. Herrero said, “I decided I was going to be Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family last week, and I’m just using clothes I already own. I’m wearing all black, and I’m planning on going to a thrift store soon to get a doll. I’m going to cut her head off and carry her around like Wednesday did.”

For many students, Halloween is a great chance to show off their funny, scary, or creative side. Many Americans look forward to it every year because of its unique horror theme, unlike most American holidays and its fun all-age’s concept.

Carlmont students have similar plans this year for Halloween. Many kids including Stewart, Plomgren, and Notte are going to their friend’s parties.

Plomgren said, “On Saturday I’m gong to a party at a friends house. The theme is food to die for, and we’re all bringing Halloween themed food and then going trick-or-treating.”

Carlmont students have many different ways of celebrating Halloween, but whatever they choose to do, they remember to be safe and take advantage of the free candy like Herrero, who said: “I like Halloween because of the free candy. I think that about sums it up.”

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