Students take every opportunity to prepare for the SAT


Denton Silfvast

The SAT can be a daunting task, but students can take official PSAT events to prepare themselves.

Denton Silfvast, Staff Writer

The most important test you will ever take.

This is how many students view the SAT, so naturally, students have been flocking to register for the practice SAT on March 25.

Sophomore Rachael Taube said, “The more times you take the test, the easier it gets. Practice makes perfect.”

The more students take tests formatted like the SAT, the more comfortable they will feel during the actual exam, and the more likely they will earn a high score. It is for this reason that many students prepare for the SAT in one way or another.

Some go further to make sure that they earn a satisfactory score by paying for SAT prep courses. It is because of this that test preparation and tutoring has grown into a $981 million industry, according to an IBISWorld market research report.

Classes work for some people, just not me. It all comes down to personal preference. Everyone learns in their own way and it’s the same for test prep.”

— Sophomore Alexander Wang

Some students feel that private tutoring and classes are not very beneficial.

Sophomore Alexander Wang said, “SAT prep classes are essentially just doing a bunch of SAT questions every session. Students should save themselves the time and money and just do a few problems every day. It takes a bit of willpower, but accomplishes the same thing as classes.”

The daily question approach that Wang mentioned has become far more popular in recent years. Apps like “SAT Prep” and “SAT Up” are free, and Wang says he has used them to great effect. 

“I can answer questions every day, take practice tests, and do a lot of other things,” said Wang. “It really feels more useful than classes.”

Freshman George Mathew takes weekly test-prep classes.

“They’re a pain to go to every week, but I definitely feel like they are helping me out. I would not have done as well on the PSAT this fall as I did if it weren’t for those classes,” said Mathew.

Different methods of test-prep work for different people.

Wang said, “Classes work for some people, just not me.  It all comes down to personal preference.  Everyone learns their own way and it’s the same for test prep.”