Prediction: This year’s Super Bowl winner is…

This past weekend, four more teams were eliminated from the playoffs, including both teams that were in last year’s Super Bowl. The Saints’ loss shows that once you reach the top, the only place you can go is down. This year one of these eight teams will take the Saints’ title as World Champions. Here’s how I rank their chances starting with the teams that will most likely win.

1st: New England Patriots

They have the best quarterback in the league and superb coaching with lots of experience in the playoffs. Beating the Jets in the next game should be a breeze.

2nd: Atlanta Falcons

Considering how in the beginning of the season, they were dubbed the best team in the league by various critics, it’s hard to put the Falcons in 2nd. They have the young Matt Ryan who looks to build on his legacy and a solid running game, but their defense lacks power. Look for them to win at home, but struggle on the road.

3rd: Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben is looking to redeem himself after a sub-par last year and the Steelers are known to peak in January, but Atlanta is looking more favorable.

4th: Green Bay Packers

After an impressive last week, the Packers are looking on top of their game, yet they are known for being unpredictable and not very reliable.

5th: Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler doesn’t seem like a worthy quarterback to win a Super Bowl but the Bears have surprised much stronger teams this year.

6th: Baltimore Ravens

They have been very strong on the road this year and had an extremely motivating win last week against Kansas City, but their offense lags when compared to previous Super Bowl winners.

7th: New York Jets

The Jets got into the playoffs by luck. They needed a terrible pass by Peyton Manning and several bad calls on the other team. Especially since they play the best team, the patriots, next.

8th: Seattle Seahawks

Last weeks win was one of the most impressive wins I’ve ever seen. Marshawn Lynch’s last TD run will go down in history as one of the best ever. Still, there’s a reason this team finished 7-9.