Sushi Monster offers great sushi close to Carlmont


Sushi Monster offers many tasty options, like the Philadelphia roll and chicken teriyaki roll.

Alexandra Stein, Staff Writer

The quest for killer sushi near Carlmont is over.

Sushi Monster, located just a five minute drive and a 20 minute walk from Carlmont, will satisfy all sushi cravings.

Proximity is not the only perk though, this small Japanese restaurant offers outstanding options that upstage all other Belmont Japanese eateries, or at least the ones I have encountered.

At about $7 a roll, the pricing is reasonable and the rolls are big enough to be worth the cost.

Aside from traditional sushi like a spicy tuna roll or Philadelphia roll, visitors can enjoy an entire section of the menu dedicated to deep fried sushi rolls.

The fish is extremely fresh, and there’s a wide variety to choose from.

The atmosphere is warm and classic. This place definitely fits all stereotypes associated with a small Japanese restaurant. There are tables on the floor to mimic the Japanese tradition of eating on the floor, along with bar seating where guests can watch the sushi chefs prepare fresh sushi.

The staff is attentive and fast, which is understandable given the tiny size of the space. They are also friendly and knowledgeable, offering recommendations based on customer’s personal preferences.

In addition to having great food and staff, Sushi Monster feels like a charming place to have a birthday party or family dinner. There were several children in the restaurant but it didn’t feel too loud or overcrowded.

Overall, I had a great experience at Sushi Monster and would recommend it to any students looking for an authentic Japanese eating experience.

[star rating=”5″]