Swim banquet gives the swim team a chance to look back at the season


Robyn Stein

All of the Carlmont swimmers gather to chant their final cheer of the season.

Robyn Stein, Staff Writer

Gathered in the Student Union Wednesday night, the Carlmont swim team kicked off their banquet by doing their final cheer of the season.

At the swim banquet, students were able to look back at their season with a slideshow by Angel Camerino, and awards were given to members from all teams.

Many swimmers also reminisced on the memories made during the season.

“At PAL’s, before the 500 free, there’s me, and there’s Luca [Garlati] two lanes over. I look at Luca, and he looks at me, and we go [finger guns to each other]. That’s probably my favorite memory of the season,” said Billy Picht, a freshman.

The boys JV and girls JV swim teams, coached by Jim Kelly, have been undefeated for two years in a row.

This year, the girls JV team broke a lot of records and also became the fastest girls JV team in Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) history.

“It was very inspiring to be on a team of such awesome, brave, nice girls and to know that all our hard work in the pool [and] all our hours actually paid off in the end, and we got to see the incredible result,” said Jacey Kelly, a sophomore.

Similarly, the boys varsity and girls varsity swim teams, coached by Fred Farley, have been undefeated for three years.

“The teams have been getting essentially better and better every year because we’re getting really good people like Billy [Picht] and a lot of other freshmen as well,” said Luca Garlati, a junior.

For two years in a row, all four teams have been undefeated, earning the title “Swee4,” meaning that all four teams swept the competition.

Eli Wallow, a sophomore, said, “It’s cool because I’m a sophomore, and the year I came in was the first year that everyone on the Carlmont team defeated everyone else. So I’ve only really known victory, which is kind of weird, but it’s still pretty fun.”

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