Students celebrate Mother’s Day


Juliana Rinaldi

Children often show their appreciation for their mothers by getting them a gift or making homemade cards.

Juliana Rinaldi , Staff Writer

On May 14, people around the world celebrated Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is an international holiday celebrating and honoring mothers and the art of motherhood.

According to National Geographic, a woman named Anna Jarvis created Mother’s Day in 1908 in honor of her mother who passed away in 1905. Each year, Mother’s Day is held on the second Sunday of May.

People celebrate Mother’s Day in many different ways.

Sophomore Sarah Fisher at Notre Dame High School said, “We left for brunch in Downtown San Carlos. After enjoying a nice brunch, we headed home and watched both the Giants and the Warriors win.”

Similarly, sophomore Lexie Hamdun said, “I went to the beach with my mom, and after we grabbed some dinner. I bought her a mani-pedi and roses and made her coffee and bought her doughnuts.”

Mother’s Day was first created to commemorate how much mothers actually do for the family, according to

Fisher said, “Our moms have done everything for us. They carried us in their stomachs for nine months and then went through a lot of pain to give birth to us. Moms are the ones that always show their support for their kids.”

In the Bay Area, many students celebrate Mother’s Day, and some like to continue Mother’s Day to make sure they appreciate their mothers every day.

Hamdun said, “It is very important to celebrate Mother’s Day. We should thank them every day, not only on that one given day. It definitely varies given people’s relationships with their mothers.”

“Celebrating Mother’s Day is important because it is a chance to give back to a mom who has cared for you since you were born. The least we could do is honor her for one day out of the year,” said sophomore Hunter Hawkes.