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Sophomore Christopher Tang shows his skill and mastery of the piano instrument.

Behind the scenes: running a lunchtime activity

May 14, 2014

Members of the lunctime activities commission in Carlmont's Associative Student Body (ASB) are working hard daily to run the school's annual Carlmont's Got Talent. Students...

The stress behind the dance show

The stress behind the dance show

May 8, 2014

Vine- Dance Show

The mystery behind students quitting jobs

The mystery behind students quitting jobs

April 8, 2014

There are many reasons why people work, the main one being to make money. However, there is more of a mystery behind why some people decide to quit their jobs. Work is time consum...

Behind the ballot: senior class officers

Behind the ballot: senior class officers

February 26, 2014

As posters are slowly torn from the many halls and classroom doors of Carlmont High School, school-wide elections have finally come to a close. Over the course of two weeks, st...

This year's musical is based off the Broadway hit,

Behind the scenes of the musical

January 23, 2014

This year, Carlmont's musical is "Annie Get Your Gun," and many students are eager to see their peers perform on stage. "Annie Get Your Gun" is based off of a book by Dorothy...

The real Sochi behind an Olympic facade.

The real Sochi hiding behind the Olympics

January 21, 2014

As the 2014 Winter Olympics draw near, the citizens of Sochi, Russia find their living conditions worsening, rather than improving as the government had previously claimed. Prom...

Behind the scenes: Winter Formal

Behind the scenes: Winter Formal

January 14, 2014

Although many students appreciate and attend dances, they are often unaware of what it really takes to put on an event like Winter Formal. The Associated Student Body (ASB) Dance Comm...

No woman left behind

December 9, 2013

Three teenage boys from Richmond were arrested and reported for charges of rape by two teenage girls on the morning of Thursday, Dec. 6. Regional Park District police told medi...

What to expect in December, 2013

The meaning behind Christmas movies

December 9, 2013

  Popular movies in December give teenagers and their families an opportunity to spend time with each other and have a joyful time, as they do not have to worry about school...

Senior Simone McCarthy takes on a defender.

Lady Scots down Bearcats behind Fong double

December 4, 2013

Sophomore Kayla Fong scored two goals to help the Lady Scots defeat the Palo Alto High School Bearcats 2-0. The game was scoreless until partway through the second half when...

Behind snack shacks

Behind snack shacks

November 30, 2013

A social gathering is not official unless delicious food is involved --  high school sports combined with snacks and friends leads to a thrilling time. The snack shack’s strong...

The reality behind high school love

The reality behind high school love

November 20, 2013

We can all recall the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet: two teenagers met, fell madly in love, got married, and within four days killed themselves because they could not live wit...

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