No woman left behind

Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

Three teenage boys from Richmond were arrested and reported for charges of rape by two teenage girls on the morning of Thursday, Dec. 6.

Regional Park District police told media, “The girls reported that they had gotten drunk, passed out and were sexually assaulted in a secluded area of Wildcat Canyon Regional Park.”

217890_427194063988912_1820310744_nLt. Jon King released a statement Friday that said, “One 15-year-old and two 17-year-olds were arrested Thursday by Richmond police. They were booked at Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall on charges of rape, oral copulation, rape in concert with officers and conspiracy.”

Richmond faces yet another slanderous gang rape.

In 2009 a 16-year-old girl was assaulted by as many as 20 men outside of Richmond High School’s homecoming dance.

Richmond High School is not the only Bay Area high school dealing with the violation of women. Carlmont High School is dealing with similar situations and has created a support group to cope with the trauma of these events.

No Women Left Behind is a program focused around sexual assault which helps high school students find outlets to get help after these traumatic experiences.

Carlmont senior Kristen Dames is the core leader for No Women Left Behind and has been apart of the program for three years.

Dames said, “About a dozen girls join the group every year after finding the courage to come share their stories.”

The group was created after a college gang rape that occurred in the area which inspired students to take a stand.

Dames said that some of the core ideas of the group are to encourage students to stand up for anyone at a party who might need help, and promote being safe.

There are seven girls from Carlmont who present their stories to the student body and try and promote putting an end to sexual assault.

Dames said, “We try and make a safe environment for girls who have been sexually assaulted to talk about their experiences.”

Support groups like No Women Left Behind are helping to put an end toward the sexual abuse of high school students.