The mystery behind students quitting jobs


Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

There are many reasons why people work, the main one being to make money. However, there is more of a mystery behind why some people decide to quit their jobs.

Work is time consuming for adults and teenagers. Adults work in order to make money to support themselves and their family. Adults usually quit their jobs for common reasons such as being offered a better job opportunity, or maybe even deciding they want to start their own business.

Teenagers that quit their jobs for reasonably different reasons.

“I quit my job because I needed to focus on my school work. My grades were dropping because of trying to balance school, sports, and a job so I decided that quitting seemed like the best solution. Especially because one of the reasons we go to school and strive for good grades is to become successful and get well-paying jobs in the future,” said junior Neeshae Wain.

Society and families often teach that there is an order in which one should prioritize responsibilities. Usually the order is: school, family, sports, extracurriculars, and so on, with at least some variation of those responsibilities.

Students do not always have jobs and the ones that do often find it time consuming and stressful.

“I used to work at Jamba Juice but decided to quit because it was taking up too much of my time that didn’t seem to be worth the amount of money I was making,” said junior Nick Revior.

Having a job and being busy high school student can be difficult to manage. With balancing grades, sports, family, friends, and any other activities one might participate in, it can be stressful finding the time to have a job as well.

“I have quit a few jobs mainly because I either didn’t have the time, or when I did have the time I didn’t enjoy where I was working. Sometimes it can get hard working with certain people. You don’t always get along with your co-workers or boss and that can be a huge setback depending on the situation,” said senior Kathryn Paraskevas.

Getting along with co-workers is another reason people may quit, or at least feel the urge to quit their jobs.

Having a job either as an adult or as a student can be difficult to manage. There are plenty of aspects one has to consider when deciding whether to quit a job or start a new job elsewhere. The majority of jobs are time consuming and this can pose a problem specifically for high school students.

Managing various daily activities as well as a job is something that many students realize they can not handle which is why many of them end up quitting their jobs sometimes not long after they start it.