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A student chooses to go on social media instead of completing their homework.

Social Media causes teens to procrastinate

February 14, 2019

Ten minutes. Just ten more minutes before a student puts down their phone and starts their homework. Soon, this will turn into 30 minutes — then into an hour. For many, social media is a ...

Death of Freddie Gray causes protests in Baltimore

Death of Freddie Gray causes protests in Baltimore

May 6, 2015

Since early April, the city of Baltimore, Maryland has been home to several protests and riots. The Baltimore protests are in response to the death of Freddie Gray, who was...

One friend excludes herself from the group, not interested in what her other friends are talking about.

The desire to fit in causes the loss of individuality

March 16, 2015

If your friends jump off a cliff, would you jump off the cliff too? The social desire to fit in is insatiable, especially among teens. In addition to the always lingering...

The suspense and drama foreseen by fans is depicted in the official poster for this week's episode,

‘Gravity Falls’ causes jaws to drop

March 10, 2015

After much foreshadowing in the previous season of "Gravity Falls," the mystery of Stan's involvement in the supernatural events is finally brought to light. This series revolves...

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