‘Gravity Falls’ causes jaws to drop

*Spoilers for ‘Gravity Falls: Not What He Seems’*



The suspense and drama foreseen by fans is depicted in the official poster for this week’s episode, “Not What He Seems.”

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

After much foreshadowing in the previous season of “Gravity Falls,” the mystery of Stan’s involvement in the supernatural events is finally brought to light.

This series revolves around twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, who are forced to stay in Gravity Falls for the summer, with their great-uncle Stan.  When Dipper finds a mysterious journal, they realize that there is a paranormal side to the town, and the twins begin to unlock the town’s secrets.

Since the beginning, there have been numerous hidden messages and foreshadowing throughout this show. However, the secret most anticipated by the show’s fans is that surrounding Stan’s secret portal device.

At the end of the first season, it is revealed that Stan has a secret entrance to a underground laboratory where he constantly attempts to activate a gateway using a strange machine. This originally revealed that the twins’ great uncle had fooled everyone, feigning ignorance of the paranormal occurrences.

In this week’s episode, the plot finally reaches the climax as both the audience and the twins are forced to question Stan’s true intentions.

The building suspense also adds to the episode as the twins discover strange and mysterious clues that indicate that their great-uncle is part of a much larger conspiracy.

Dipper and Mabel’s trust in their great-uncle is worn down as the story plays out, with dramatic reveals present in many parts of the episode. Even the normally dominating humor is limited to only a few moments near the beginning, emphasizing the importance and seriousness of the plot.

Along with the escalating tension, it is the final revelation that leaves the viewers with both anticipation and excitement.

The last moments of this week’s episode reveal that Stan was opening the gateway for his long-lost twin brother to pass through.

The flow and beautiful storytelling of this episode left me feeling satisfied with it as a whole, and enthusiastic for the next.

5 / 5 stars