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The AVID team at Carlmont consists of counselors, teachers, and AVID students all working towards a common goal.

AVID helps students pave a path to current and future success

January 29, 2020

Most students know the stress that comes with being a highschooler all too well. Whether it stems from the workload from classes, the pressure to do well, or the ever-looming id...

Talking about your feelings is the first step when seeking help.

A light in the darkness: How different Carlmont students cope with struggles

March 16, 2019

DISCLAIMER: This article has themes involving depression, anxiety, and suicide. If these topics are likely to trigger you, it is suggested that you stop reading. “I want to...

Counselors help to provide guidance for students throughout high school.

Passions are not overshadowed in course selection

March 14, 2019

Year after year, students go through the same difficult process of deciding which courses to take the next year. In February, students begin to make their way to the counseling ...

Brendan Boone, a sophomore, plans out his class schedule for next year before his counselor appointment.

Students plan for next year during counselor meetings

April 6, 2018

From Digital Arts to Physics, Carlmont has a wide variety of classes for students to choose from, and it's time for them to do so. This year, counselor appointments started on ...

A list of counselor appointments is posted outside the counseling office for passing students to refer to.

Counselor meetings give students advice for the upcoming year

March 31, 2018

Counselor meetings are a very effective tool for students when deciding on upcoming classes. They occur every year starting in February and continuing up until late April. In...

Sophomore Eli Yofin looks over an AP Psychology flyer as he thinks about his courses for next year.

Students prepare for counselor appointments

February 10, 2017

 It's the time of year when students scour the Program Planning Handbook in search of a new elective or worry about how to fit in that music class next year. Registration appoint...

The counseling office is busy during this time of the year with class scheduling appointments.

Counselor appointments are accompanied by stress

February 23, 2016

Preparations for the 2016-2017 school year are already well on their way. During the months of Feb., March, and April, all students at Carlmont, except seniors, will have an appo...

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